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What to Look for When Buying Your First Home

Coast Homes TimDifferent people have different reasons for buying homes. Some of them purchase homes to signify their newfound independence as in the case of the bachelor who finally got tired of mom’s basement. Others do so to start a family. But bear in mind that as thrilling as it may be, purchasing a home for the first time isn’t easy. You need to plan for it well. What do you need to consider when buying a San Luis Obispo real estate property, for example? Below are some things that you might want to reflect on.

Points to Consider When Buying a New Home

  1. Be realistic
  2. Each one of us has a picture of a dream home stuck somewhere in the deepest recesses of our imagination. But dreams are dreams and realities are realities. Look for something that falls within your budget.
  3. New or Pre-loved
  4. Buying a newly constructed home gives you the advantage of knowing that what you’re getting has brand-new everything, from the structure to the smallest fixtures. On the other hand, a pre-owned home has enhancements and additions that may have been added by its former owner. Which one do you prefer?
  5. Work on your credit score
  6. Got unpaid student loans? Always late on your rental payments? Now is the time to set things right. Having a good credit score makes it easier for you to get a pre-approved mortgage. This in turn shows sellers that you are indeed, a serious buyer who has the means to pay.
  7. Do a thorough inspection
  8. Do not be satisfied with an ocular inspection of the home you wish to buy. Be Sherlock Holmes for a day and inspect everything – from the main doorways to the farthest bathroom cabinet. Pay special attention to cracks on walls, water spots on ceilings, or any signs of pests. These may be signs of structural issues that might cost you a lot of cash in the long run. You might also want to check the taste and pressure of the water, electricity and thermostat.
  9. Check your options
  10. Does the property have a wide enough outdoor area where your children can play? Does the house itself have enough room to accommodate a growing family? How many cars can you park in the garage?
  11. Get a real estate agent
  12. Buying a new home might not be an easy decision to make, but carefully considering the points above might just land you your dream home at a price that you can very well afford.
  13. Hiring a good real estate agent is priceless when you see what he or she can do for you and will be worth every penny you spend. This is especially true when you have the funds but no home that suits your taste yet. A good agent for San Luis Obispo real estate, for example, can give you not only the specifications about the home you are planning on buying but information about your would-be neighborhood as well; negotiate with the seller; handle all the paperwork; and assist you with things you might have overlooked even after the closing has been made. How awesome can that be?

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