Benefits of Staging Your Home for a Sale

Thinking of finally putting that home for sale sign on your lawn? Before that open house, take a few minutes to think about what may help sell your home quicker. Would it be a coat of fresh paint? Some pictures? What about removing some of the bulkier furniture that are not a daily necessity for you? Home staging has been backed by research to be beneficial for sellers. Here are the main advantages of doing a proper home staging and how you too can sell your home faster.

Less Time in Listings

Research has shown that homes that are properly staged spend significantly less time on the market than those that are empty or not well staged. This would just make sense since a beautifully staged home will create the best appeal and first impression to a potential buyer. Instead of making them look for options on how to make the home ideal for them, show them the home they already want.  This type of selling tool will also give the potential buyers the option to consider your home in theory turn-key allowing buyers to readily move in minus the hassle of delaying things due to renovations or deep cleaning.

Connect More to Buyers

A well staged home should look like a furnished model house. This helps make buyers feel more connected to the home, as though seeing themselves living in it already. And through staging, you can de-clutter and de-personalize your home making it much more inviting to the next homeowners. By disconnecting yourself from the home even just a little bit, makes the home present itself ready for someone new.

More Viewing by Brokers

You’re not only doing a home staging to appeal to buyers, but also to brokers. Even if one client passes up, brokers who have seen your place can easily refer more potential buyers if they see the value in it. They’d also prefer to show your home since a well staged home is a huge selling point in itself, making the selling agent do less work to convince the potential buyer.

In order to really be able to do a proper home staging, it is better to acquire the help of a reliable real estate firm or realtor. They know what potential buyers and brokers want to see that will give the advantage to getting the deal. Often realtors have a clear eye for this part in the sales process, they know what buyers are looking for and what the market is offering. This also helps in selling your property at the price range that you want, or even perhaps even a bit higher. Making just a few adjustments can help show the value and in turn creates less a chance that someone wants to negotiate the price. And the good news is that you don’t have to spend too much on properly staging your home. Just put in the necessary time and effort and it would translate to a win-win situation for all.

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