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Top Benefits of Buying a Home with a Homeowners Association

top-benefits-hoaOne of the most important aspects to think about if you’re a first time homebuyer is whether or not you intend to purchase a home with a homeowners association. There may be negative notions about the rules and fees of such associations, but it is imperative to first be familiar with its advantages—especially if it’s your first home purchase. Getting involved with a reputable homeowners association may just be what you need, so read on to further educate yourself about the common benefits. read more

3 Tips for Buying An Investment Property


As the market is slowly but surely gaining momentum once again, more and more investors are looking to acquire investment properties. However, big risks are involved and not everyone will be as profitable as the other—in fact, it takes many years before substantial revenue is made. Here are some important tips to consider before making that first purchase of a potential investment property:

Study the Numbers

Down payment, interest rate, expenses—these are just some of the numbers that you have to thoroughly familiarize yourself with. The only way you can be truly prepared to enter the market is by educating yourself and gathering enough data to serve as your guide to saving and earning more. read more

Coast Homes Tim
What to Look for When Buying Your First Home

Coast Homes TimDifferent people have different reasons for buying homes. Some of them purchase homes to signify their newfound independence as in the case of the bachelor who finally got tired of mom’s basement. Others do so to start a family. But bear in mind that as thrilling as it may be, purchasing a home for the first time isn’t easy. You need to plan for it well. What do you need to consider when buying a San Luis Obispo real estate property, for example? Below are some things that you might want to reflect on. read more

What You Need to Know About an HOA Before Purchasing Your Home


If you’re looking for a secured and well-maintained house as a first time homebuyer, you might want to look into one that is setup within a homeowners association. It is true that there has been a rather negative notion when it comes to having an HOA, but more often than not, homeowners come to realize that its advantages greatly outweigh its preconceived disadvantages in the long run.

Just to be sure, do take the steps in familiarizing yourself with a certain HOA regulations before putting the green light on purchasing a home within one that is in such a community. Here are some simple bits of information that will help you determine the reliability and credibility of an HOA. read more

What to Consider When Purchasing Your First Investment Property

Considerations-in-Purchasing-1Even with the market not being what it was several years ago, real estate still proves to be a profitable venture so long as you know your way into it. For first time entrepreneurs, it’s all about finding the right investment property and knowing how to make it grow into a long term investment.

However, before you ever reach the goal of real estate properties being profitable, you have to take the first step with this type of investment including the risks. Here are some items to consider as you get into the world of investment properties. read more

Your First Home: 7 Essential Tips When Buying

Coast Homes TimBuying your first home is among the major decisions you have to make in your lifetime. In fact, it’s the most important among your other “first” purchases – your first bike, your first computer, your first smart phone, or your first car. This is why you need a lot of careful planning and consideration before you part with your hard-earned cash and sign those documents.

But what should a first time would-be home buyer like you watch out for? With so many San Luis Obispo real estate listings on the market today, how can you ensure that you will get a home that is not only affordable but beautiful too? Below are some tips that may help you out when you have to take this giant step in your life. read more